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Concrete Echoes is a shop where you can buy products of artist that are mostly not to be find in regular shops. Because they would be to expensive or/and would be lacking potential sales. Still these are genuine products of genuine artists. Who recorded their feelings and thoughs. The works are results of their sounds echoing around in a concrete era. Artists were and still are a reflection of our and past societies. To write it up, to record it and to visualize these toughts and feelings these echoes becaome concrete. And now available for you to purchase in a simple way.

Ad the amounts of the single product prices and tranfer them to:

VanderHoek Publishing
Attn: Concrete Echoes
Daalwijk 901, Zipcode: 1102 AA
Amsterdam Southeast, The Netherlands
Postbank: 7655995

Do NOT forget to mention WHICH product you want to have sent to WHAT address, cause that information is kind of essential if you want to receive any purchased products.

Post address:
VanderHoek Publishing
P.O.BOX 22899, Zipcode: 1100 DJ
Amsterdam Southeast, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)20-6006805
Fax: +31-(0)20-7774262
Postbank: 7655995
K.v.K./C.o.C. Amsterdam: 33288904
BTW/VAT#: NL 142398482 B01

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