Gemeente Politie Amsterdam
Tav: Klaas Wilting
Tel: 020-5599111
Fax: 020-5592355

Amsterdam Southeast, 1999-07-07
Subject: questioning the police

We would like to get some answers on the following three questions:

1. Why does the police hold 'De Spookrijders' responsible for something officer John Brugge started?
2. Why is the police not telling what really happened?
3. Who protects us from you?

No surprise, we did not get any answers or any feed back.

Who protects us from you
You were put here to protect us / but who protects us from you / Every time you say: "That is illegal!" does not mean that is true / Your authorities are never questioned / no one questions you / If I hit you I will be killed / you hit me, I can sue


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