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Jul.08.01 Links: At last all new links
Review: Supreme Court The Hague HipHop North Sea Jazz 2001

Review: JazzCrimes.01 Papiere versie van .nl

Jun.25.01 Report: Drum Rhythm Festival 2001 - deel 2
Jun.24.01 Review: Master Surreal - Evolution Waar is Pino gebleven?
Jun.22.01 What's That Bandage?
Jun.20.01 Revelation Of The Revolution
Report: Drum Rhythm Festival 2001 - Amsterdam
Jun.10.01 Interview: Mathis & Loot: Personal Revolution.
Interview: Group Home - "I'm a raw Motherfucker!"
WORD! - Eindhoven
Review: Moonrocks - Europe 2000 Starters Pack Simpel Is Zo Complex
Jun.04.01 It's Strange To Be A Rapper SP Love Subway Love
May.30.01 HipHop Bizz Always Question But Never Answer What It Is…
May.20.01 Column: "Giel Beelen - Etherhoer van het eerste uur."
May.20.01 Review: TY - Akward
Report: Sure Shot Tour
May.08.01 Review: CodeRed - 010 Gets Sensational
Editorial: 4th and 5th Of May
April.24.01 Review: Seda - Rampbreakz Vol. 1
Def P - het Ware Aardverhaal
April.23.01 Review: Bluf Technici - Haagse Bluf
Report: E-Life - Flashback To HipHop
April.22.01 Report: Jeru Da Damaja - In the XXX
Review: The Proov - Traditions
April.15.01 Report: School-Of-Hardknocks - The Final MP3
April.11.01 Review: Legal Offence - Eastbound
Report: Photoreport - Hogeveen
Review: Frank Nitty - For You Lissenaz Speakers Corner pt. One.
April.09.01 Report: Big Daddy Cane
Report: School Of Hardknocks - Edition 6
March.04.01 Review: Boomoperators - The goodyear E.P.
Feb.26.01 Review: I. Van Dalen - In Holland Staat Een Piece
Feb.25.01 Interview: Shockwave - That's how things get done, by doing them.
Review: 730 Michell - The Summer Of Crack Rock
Feb.18.01 Review: Postmen - Revival
Feb.04.01 Review: Black Panther Party [RECONSIDERED]
Spooks are ghost, Outkast Outfast and Xibit Exit
Feb.01.01 Report: Maceo Parker
Report/Underground Railroad: Aktie Winston Kingdom and
Jan.26.00 Top 10: BSLN, DJ Sandman and DJ Extraa
Jan.12.00 Review: Djaz Breakbeatz Vol.6 - Pita
Review: Head First - BrightShinyNeats and Why Not?
Jan.06.00 Review: Chaotic Forces - Dust And Dark
01.01.01 Review: ABN - Alo, Wa!
Review: De Posse - deel 5
Review: Melodramatic - Melodramatic
Dec.10.00 Interview: Imadodattaz "The A.Z. is E.R.."
Nov.15.00 Review: Shockwave - Ya Heard A Him and This Generation
Review: Brainpower - Door Merg En Brain
Nov.15.00 Get The Loot 11: Personal Revolutions
Nov.15.00 Review: City Kingz 003 - Various Artists
Nov.13.00 Review: Freestyle Frabrik - ‘De Konsensus van De Klein Dinges.’
Nov.10.00 Report: Interdifference
Nov.09.00 Who That?: 5th Edition - MP3s
Nov.08.00 Report: School Of Hardknocks -5th Edition
Nov.07.00 Review: TLM - The Last Mohican
Review: DJ Edzon - B-Boy Connection 6
Review: Shape Squad - DJXPLND
Nov.01.00 Report: Redrum - HipHop Summit
Okt.31.00 Interview: 7th Foul
Okt.19.00 Guestbook is BACK / Search engine
Editorial: Ik had een verhaal te vertellen…
Okt.18.00 Get The Loot 10
Okt.05.00 Report: Back to Planet Rock Part 2
Report: The Hague
Review: Snelle Jelle - Mixtape 1 Revert
Review: DMT - Little Dog Music Por La Chupacabra
Review: Travis Blaque - The Bachelors
Review: Serge Boogie - Amotivation/Eye Contact EP
Sep.08.00 Review: 7 Moonz - Still Be/The Vow
Aug.31.00 Interview: Ghandi - Stickz and Stonedz
Aug.23.00 Interview: Moris - 'Where to?' is always a question.
Aug.11.00 Interview: Preach - 7 Moonz
Aug.09.00 Report: Letter To The Editor: Sukkelslopers vs Osdorp Posse
Aug.02.00 Get The Loot 9
July.31.00 Interview: DJ Rockid
July.19.00 Review: Killah Priest - View From Masada
July.17.00 Review: Pier & DJ Sandman - Echte Boter
July.16.00 Review: The Proov - Feel The Heat / Nike - Welcome To Masterdam
July.10.00 Report: Da Brat in Amsterdam
July.10.00 Report: Most Wanted Final Showcase
July.06.00 Report: Henchmen and Chaotic Forces
Who That?: Moris - Nijmegen
(On a hidden page, ain't hard to find, just be curious and click around)
July.02.00 Review: Moris - De Kracht Van Vriendelijkheid
June.30.00 Report: Dutch B-Boy Championships
Review: De Gekste N.U.A. - Een demon-struktie
Review: U-Gene & Oh-Jay With Friends
June.29.00 Who That?: School Of HardKnocks 4th Edition
(On a hidden page, ain't hard to find, just be curious and click around)
Jun.27.00 Editorial: Drum Rhythm - Just a story in Dutch…
Jun.27.00 Review: The Coup - Steal This Album
Jun.26.00 Review: Spookrijders - 10.000.000
Jun.08.00 Report: Drum Rhythm Festival 2000
Review: O.P. - Kernramp
And the winner is 2...
Jun.02.00 Report: Double talk 4
: Blu, Chef Salad
And the winner is...
May.23.00 Interview: Brainpower
May.02.00 Review: Letter To The Editor: review Mumia
Letter To The Editor: Samplism
Report: Underground Railroad 1: Update on Mumia
NEWS! “Get da Loot”, number 8.
Apr.09.00 Review: ABN - Seriewoordenaar
Review: DJAX - Power to the underground
Report: Wanted 2000
Report: Slum Village
NEWS! “Get da Loot”, number 7.
Apr.03.00 Review: Pirate Fucking Radio 100
Review: This Is What You Want pt. 2!
Mar.30.00 Interview: CMC/Soul Relation
Mar.30.00 Review: The Proov: Traditions E.P.
Review: U.N.I.Q.: The Straight Up Raw EP
Review: NEST: Grenzlooz
Mar.22.00 Interview: Tri Ad
Mar.10.00 In memory of Atiim Jackson
Mar.07.00 Review: DNG The Frown King, Gatting Down
Mar.02.00 Review: De Vent Om Of De Opera = V.O.O.D.O.
Mar.02.00 NEWS! “Get da Loot”, number 6.
Feb.28.00 Review: Brainpower
Feb.24.00 Interview: U-N.I.Q.
Feb.16.00 Report: School of Hardknocks, 4th Edition
Feb.12.00 Bits 'n doodats: SACH SOON, KET ONE
Reviews: N, DJ Smmoth Cee
Feb.06.00 Report: Mobb Deep
Feb.01.00 Report: Bassline feat.: Pharoahe Monch, Rahzel, Common and Ice T
Jan.30.00 Reviews: DMX, DJ Edson Mixtape
Jan.17.00 Jippie!, some 1999 Top 10's
Jan.14.00 NEWS! “Get da Loot”, number 5.
Jan.04.00 Editorial
Reviews: Gem Quarter, Criminal Nation
Dec.27.99 Reviews: Notorious B.I.G., F6
Dec.12.99 Reports: Grote Prijs, Turntablized
Review: Keith Murray
Dec.05.99 Report: Sugar Hill Gang
Review: T.P. Allstars
Nov.30.99 NEWS! “Get da Loot”, number 4.
Nov.25.99 Who That?: School of Hardknocks, 3rd Edition
Nov.23.99 Report: School of Hardknocks, 3rd Edition
Nov.22.99 Report: Red Dough
Nov.18.99 Report: Eminem
Nov.17.99 Who That?: N & Blatta, P.O.T.
Nov.09.99 Interview: Murth The Man-O-Script
Review: Def P
Nov.08.99 Interview: RAMP Records
Ondergronds Verzet, De Onderhonden
Oct.31.99 NEWS! "Get da Loot"
Who That?: TeRilekst
Batta and N, Warren G
Oct.25.99 Interview: L-West Productions
Reviews: Method Man & Redman, TeRilekst
Oct.20.99 Report: Da Bounce Comedy Night
Oct.13.99 Who That?: Northside Stylaz
Oct.12.99 Report: E-Life Release party
NEWS! "Get da Loot"
Oct.11.99 Bits 'n doodats: Wodka, Mellie, Nema
Review: Masta J
Oct.07.99 Report: Bijlmer Soul
Oct.05.99 Report: Samplism
Oct.04.99 Who That?: Tommy Tee feat. Zombi Squad
Oct.03.99 Bits 'n doodats: QUEEN TASH
Get da Loot
Sept.30.99 Review: E-Life - Eleven
Who That?: CilvaRingz
Sept.25.99 Interview: Spookrijders
Report: Theatre Bassline
Sept.24.99 Review: Taskforce
Sept.15.99 Report: Rapido
Review: Memphis Bleek
Sept.06.99 Interview: Krewcial
Review: E-Life
Sept.05.99 Report: Public Enemy
Sept.04.99 Interview: Disorda
Aug.30.99 Interview: Travis Blaque
Who That?: Travis Blaque
Aug.26.99 Interview: E-Life
Aug.24.99 Reviews: Rahzel, Mama Brendas Righteous Cartel
Aug.19.99 Who That?: Oh Jay ('That demo')
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Aug.13.99 Interview: Juanita
Aug.09.99 Bits 'n doodats: KIRS, BOM 5, CLAW
Aug.08.99 Deliver your sounds at: 'Who That?'
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Jul.27.99 Interview: Chuck D
Review: Disorda
Jul.25.99 Reviews: Big L, D.I.T.C. 12"
Jul.24.99 Reviews: EPMD, II Zwaard
Jul.22.99 Interview: Big Daddy Kane
Jul.20.99 Report: Big Daddy Kane
Jul.19.99 Reviews: Heavy D, Spookrijders
Jul.17.99 Article: Pops shot the sheriff, the deputy is on the barrel (with 'Mercator' videos)
Jul.16.99 Reviews: Phat Poodle, The Group
Jul.15.99 Interview: Rowdy
Report: Wanted Final Showcase 1999
Jul.08.99 Article: Who protects us from you (2)
Jul.06.99 Report: Double Talk 3 Festival
Jul.06.99 Article: Spookrijders under attack by 5-O
Jul.05.99 Article: Who protects us from you
Jul.03.99 Reviews: Slick Rick, North East Connections
Jun.28.99 Reviews: Mindbomb, Wanted 1999, Public Enemy
Jun.22.99 Review: Juvenile
Jun.14.99 Reviews: Case, Tommy Tee
Jun.07.99 Report: School of HardKnocks (2nd edition)
Jun.05.99 Report: Drum Rhythm Festival
Jun.03.99 Review: Brainpower - freestyle tape
May.31.99 Reviews: Gus, DJ Grazzhoppa
May.27.99 Bits 'n doodats: OBG, BLUE, BAITE
May.24.99 Interview: Slum Village
May.24.99 Party dates, editorial
May.23.99 Interview: DJ Precise
May.18.99 Report: ITF Dutch finals
May.14.99 Interview: Arsonists
May.12.99 Reviews: DJ Carnage, E-Life
May.10.99 Reviews: Select Personnel, On Track
Apr.27.99 Review: Krewcial
Apr.21.99 Review: Ruf beats
Apr.20.99 Review: The Infamous PMC
Apr.14.99 Interview: DJ TLM
Report: Wanted
Apr.8.99 Report: Company Flow (N.Y.C./feb. 24th)
Apr.5.99 Interview: Einz Zwo
Article: The roots
Mar.22.99 Reviews: Kurz und Schmerzlos,
DJAX Break-beatz vol. 5
Mar.16.99 Report: School of HardKnocks (part 1)
Review: Eins Zwo
Mar.16.99 Mandela in Amsterdam
Mar.12.99 Interview: PeeWee (Northside Stylaz)
One good night
Mar.11.99 Reviews: 24K, TLC
Feb.26.99 Editorial
Interview: Lunatics
Feb.25.99 Interview: Headliners
Feb.18.99 Big L - R.I.P. - The Story
Feb.17.99 Big L - R.I.P. - Some pictures
Feb.16.99 Interview: Jungle Brothers
Feb.11.99 Interview: Brainpower
Feb.11.99 Article: Going down, going down...
Feb.4.99 Reviews: Northside Stylaz,
Sarah Jones, De Posse 4
Jan.28.99 Review: Headliners
Jan.26.99 Editorial
Review: Double Dutch Part 2
Jan.19.99 Reviews: ABN, Lunatics
Jan.15.99 Report: Turntablized: The Final
Jan.14.99 Interview: White Wolf
Jan.7.99 Report: Back to Planet Rock
Jan.7.99 Review: Zeb.Roc.Ski
Dec.9.98 Interview: AMO-lab (Shyrock & Precise)
Nov.25.98 Report: Snoop Dogg live in Amsterdam
Nov.16.98 Review: Postmen
Nov.11.98 Reviews: E-Life, White Wolf,
DJAX Break-beatz vol. 4 by PWB
Nov.11.98 We got the guestbook working!
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Nov.3.98 Interview: AG (Show&AG)
Nov.2.98 Interview: Hurricane
Oct.26.98 Reviews: Hurricane Killertape, Black Eyed Peas, Glaze
Oct.6.98 Interview: SUNZ OF MAN
Reviews: Sunz of Man (2x)

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